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What We Offer

Afrika Lovers is your contemporary Africa Platform. From inspiring travel packages over artsy African goodies and Afro Fashion to informative blog posts concerning our one and only topic - We truly are Afrika Lovers!

Breathtaking Destinations

We love Africa. It’s as simple as that. Everything we do and offer will always have an African element to it. Hence our destinations are all African, and in particular South and East African. Watch this space as we are regularly widening our portfolio. We only offer destinations we have a reliable network of partners in hence it’s more about quality than quantity.

Learn from Africa

The common perception that the media portrays about our continent is focusing on what the others can bring to the party. Foreign investment, Aid, Support structures, Education a lot of help is on the way. Where we don’t want to deny that this is important we want to focus on what it is that you can take home from here. In most cases you will only realise how much you can learn from the people, the lifestyle, the artefacts, the energy once you have engaged with them. All we do is catered for giving you this necessary and healing experience.

Blog Africa

We are not your regular travel agent. Hence we take great care in collecting relevant and interesting content themed around Africa. Just stop by and be entertained by our blog posts that touch various topics such as: Food & Restaurants, Travel & Adventure, History & Heritage, Culture, Arts & Music, Politics & Economics and after all the weird, the funny and the remarkable news about our heart-shaped continent.

Make a Difference

We support and run our own orphanage in West Uganda and we are donating a small percentage of all our earnings. As much as we think this is worth mentioning it is also natural to us. Our perception is shaped by African culture - it’s all about sharing and giving back. At the end of the day what value do we add if we don’t share it with the world?

Made in Africa

We let the facts speak for themselves. We work with local tour operators only and we only stock items in our shop that are Made in Africa and Made by Africans - regardless of their ethnicity. We have no interest in extracting value from the mother continent. In contrary we want our people to take part, to benefit and to get their fare share of the global economy.

Africa Connect

You have an idea, a venture, something to get to or get from Africa (Rhino horn and seldom metals excluded for any obvious reason)? We are passionate networkers and where you see a roadblock we almost certainly can link you to the right person or institution. We have experience in various areas other than the very obvious ones. To just name a few: Business (Import & Export, FDI, Outsourcing), Immigration, NGOs, Conservation, Volunteering, Healthcare & Education.

A Variety Destinations

No matter if you are looking for a romantic honeymoon on a remote island or if you’re on the hunt for an adrenaline rush. We cover all interest groups.

Camping in the wild with a chance of animal encounters? Rafting on the Nile? There is no question we wouldn’t dare to answer! From wildlife destinations like Botswana, Zambia over to more exotic destinations such as Malawi and Uganda. From the African tropic of Mozambique through the desert of Namibia. From South Africa’s townships to the cave drawings of ancient Zimbabwean ruins. Africa has a lot to offer. And it just doesn’t stop!

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Great trip from morning to sunset!

"Afrika Lovers is the perfect partner to discover the wonderful Cape Peninsula individually. We had a great trip, fully flexible to decide during the tour where we made a stopover. A comprehensive care-free package."

Andre & Joerg,
South Africa - November 2017

Once here you just must love Africa!

"Afrika Lovers helped me to discover this beautiful country of South Africa. Afrika Lovers is all about perfect service and being customer friendly to the extreme: I could message them at any time and got helpful information about everything. I just had to ask for ideas on what to do and I immediately got a whole list of activities."

South Africa - September 2017


"Perfect trip, Great adventure, I book this company anytime again. Kampala nestled between the hills is a seething city to wonder. The experiences about the fascinating animal world and the life in the orphanage will keep me thinking for a long while."

Ronald, Doris & Raimund,
Uganda - June 2017