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Tribal Trends in Cape Town

When you enter Tribal Trends in Cape Town, it is clear they have their fingers on the pulse of African style and design.

African décor has been a strong trend worldwide for decades. However, if it is not done with panache it can quickly turn kitsch and make the wrong statement. Tribal Trends is known amongst locals and tourists for its upmarket products that will not turn your home into a safari fiasco.

Their products are sourced from all over Africa, not only South Africa. This gorgeous shop offers a wide range that includes handbags, glassware, pottery, furniture, accent pieces and collectables.

The African décor style has four key elements: wood; earth colours (brown, rust, orange and yellow); animal print; and African art and crafts.

When deciding to take the African style route, you can always go all the way with furniture and other big statement pieces, or you could choose an African palette and incorporate design accents such as pillows, lamps or prints to the room.

Here are four tribal trends for you to follow:

Africa with a difference
Try a more unusual African palette such as a black and white zebra print or skin with red accents. Add accents with a silver bowl filled with shiny red ostrich eggs.

Feathery feminine touch
While African décor can have a masculine edge, you could always add a feminine, more playful touch with softly glowing lamps, pillows and throws. Tribal Trends have wonderfully whimsical pieces such as a lamp fashioned from a horn (painted a glossy white) and a shade decorated with white feathers.

A creamy, dreamy affair
African décor does not always have to be bright and vibrant: you could choose a cream and caramel colour scheme with one of Tribal Trend’s silky Nguni rugs in brown and cream, accentuated with white leather ottomans, tables and seashell pieces.

African take-out
If you do not want to go all the way when it comes to African décor you could always choose one of Tribal Trends’ stylish cutlery sets and table décor pieces for a dinner evening straight out of Africa.

Tribal Trends received good reviews on Lonely Planet and other tourism sites and their service is rated as professional and helpful. Go Tribal. Stay Trendy. You know where to go.

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