The Pearl of Africa: A Quick Uganda Travel Guide

There are many ways to get around Uganda; by bus, plane, taxi, car, and the local transport system, ‘boda boda’.

Things to Do

Uganda is a top tourist destination in Africa. For a small country, Uganda lots of natural marvels on which your eyes can feast. There are ten national parks that protect over half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas.

The parks also protect chimpanzees, leopards, lions, hippos, elephants, and the rare golden monkeys. Uganda is also a habitat for over 1,000 species of birds— more than ten percent of the world’s species.

With its impressive collection of wildlife and terrain, Uganda has several interesting activities and attractions to offer including:

Health and Safety

Like most tropical climate in Africa, tropical diseases like malaria, ebola, cholera, schistosomiasis, and intestinal worms are endemic to Uganda.

Healthy precautions for tourists include taking antimalarial drugs, sleeping under insecticide treated nets, avoiding infested streams, and drinking bottled water instead of tap water.

For the past 25 years of President Yoweri Museveni rule, safety has increased. However, as in most African countries, it is advisable for tourists to follow sensible rules to avoid getting into danger.

Tourists should stay in tourist areas and go out with trusted guides for tracking and treks. It’s advisable for tourist to avoid drawing attention to themselves by refraining from wearing excessive jewelry or carrying big flashy hand bags. Giving sweets and money to children is discouraged.

It is common for locals to openly stare at white tourists. This is a common phenomenon in most African countries. Locals are usually friendly and hospitable and it’s not unusual to hear them shout “welcome!” Or “mzungu!” which is a Kiswahili word for ‘foreigner’.

The Pearl of Africa is a sight to behold! If you ever plan on visiting Africa, Uganda should be at the top of your bucket list.

Randolf Schoenefeld

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