South Africa – Top 3 Destinations To Visit During Winter

South Africa – Top 3 Destinations To Visit During Winter

Winter in South Africa (SA) begins in June and ends in August but you can usually start feeling the cold in May, mostly in the evenings.

SA has 4 seasons a year and at times all 4 in one day due to how fast the weather can change, we find this quite humorous.

Many people don’t know this but we do get some snow in SA during wintertime (depending on how cold it is during that winter year), other places more than others. 

Eastern Cape Mountain snow-Sandra Petersen

Here are our Top 3 destinations to add to your SA winter bucket list (in no particular order).

1. Sutherland

Sutherland is a town in the Northern Cape province that is well known for having some of the clearest and darkest nights in the world, primarily due to its remote location as well as its altitude of 1.458m above sea level, so stargazing in this town is a dream come true, just imagine taking in the milky way, next to your tent, with some hot coffee and great company.

Sutherland is actually a world-renowned astronomical centre in South Africa (SA), here you’ll find The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) situated on a mountain top. It is also the coldest town in SA, so expect snow and a winter wonderland experience. When most people visit Sunderland, it’s either for the stars or the snow, but there is much more to this charming town. Sutherland has so much history, from old buildings with stories to tell, a planetarium guided by locals, 4×4 trails, and other outdoor activities like hiking and horse riding among wildlife. Situated in the Karoo, Sutherland is a quiet and peaceful town, great for romantic and family trips.

Salt – Observatory


The Milky way – Felix-Mittermeier.de


Lady playing with snow


2. Durban

Durban is a stunning city with multiple activities in and around the city. Any Durbanite would admit that in Summer the heat can be unbearable as the air is heavy with humidity and the subtropical latitude of the city brings with it long, hot summers with rainfall, but very mild winters so this makes for some sunny days during the winter months. Temperatures range from 16 to 25º C in winter. Durban is a great place for an escape from the cold in those winter days, especially when you’re missing the beach and sun.

There are many more activities in Durban

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Umhlanga whale skeleton pier – Andrew Harvard


surfer walking into the sea for a surf – Andrew Harvard


3. Mbombela – Nelspruit

Mbombela (meaning a lot of people in a small space) formally known as Nelspruit is the capital of Mpumalanga Province in South Africa. It is one of the major South African tourist destinations, due to its proximity to the world-famous Kruger National Park. Other attractions in the area are the Sudwala Caves and the Panorama Route with God’s Window or the Bourke’s Luck Potholes. Mbombela is known as a true tourist destination, ranging from very affordable accommodation to extreme luxury. July is the coldest month in Mbombela, but there are many things to do, even during those cold winter days.

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Leopard – Joss Woodhead


Bourke-luck potholes – Yolanda Coervers



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