My top 3 beach restaurants in South Africa

South Africa has a wide range of unique and vibey restaurants that can be found from the Kasi to the sea. I’ve always been a fan of a beautiful view, great food, good company, a nice cold beer or a glass of full bodied Shiraz  or two…why not a full bottle?

Here are my Top 3 beach restaurants in South Africa. (In no particular order)

1. Barneys Tavern – Port Elizabeth (The friendly city)

Port Elizabeth is home, it’s where I grew up so of course I had to add Barneys tavern. Barneys is situated on the beach front in Summerstrand and it’s where most of the locals go for karaoke nights, drink specials, homey food and the stunning view of the sea. Barneys is right by the pier, which is always great for a walk after your tummy is full for a great view of the Indian ocean.

Check them out: Barneys Tavern – Port Elizabeth Restaurant

2. Brass Bell – Cape Town (Kalk Bay)

So, I’ve been living in Cape Town for just over 2 years now and to celebrate our big move our Cape Town friends took us to Kalk bay, a small but down to earth town near Cape Town. With a table so close to the ocean, you would swear we were on a boat with beautiful views of the mountains in the distance, as the sun said goodnight for the day I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of the place I now call home. The food was not only delicious but it was reasonably priced as well, a friendly place for families. It’s really hard to recommend just one of their meal options, it’s all so tasty and fresh. You could never go wrong with sea food…well I guess you could but not at Brass Bell. If you are lucky enough you might see Whales, Seals and fishing boats coming in and out of the harbor with their catch of the day. Brass Bell, a magical and hospitable place, a must visit for all.

Check them out: THE BRASS BELL – Brass Bell

3. Something Good Roadhouse – Port Elizabeth ( As Dj Khalid would say “Another one”)

There was no way that I could not add Something Good to this list. Maybe I’m being biased by adding another PE beach side restaurant to the list, but Something Good (SG)deserves to be in my top 3 list, without a doubt. Not only is Something Good isolated from everything else, it is vibrant, cozy and smells like the ocean, what more could you want? SG has some of the best burgers and Milkshakes that I have ever had, not to mention that the portion sizes are great as well. Book in advance since it does get busy, especially during the Summer time. Ooh, I almost forgot… the view of the sea is exceptional and it’s a great place for the whole family. SG has never disappointed me. This spot is a regular hangout spot for my German friends and I.

Check them out: Something Good Roadhouse | Family roadhouse restaurant

Contact our top 3 beach restaurants

  • Barneys Tavern

Contact nr: 041 583 4500


  • Brass Bell

Contact nr: 021 788 5455

Email: info@brassbell.co.za

  • Something Good

Contact nr: 041 583 6986


Mona Mpofu

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