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Visit Africa's little gem located at one of the biggest lakes of the continent

One of the smallest but most beautiful countries of Africa. Malawi is known not only for its smiling and friendly people, but mostly for its magical and unique lake. You may know its name as Lake Malawi or also amorously called the „Lake of Stars“. Why, though, lake of stars? Because at night the mirror-like surface of the lake has twinkling stars on it. Those are the lamps of local fishermen, fishing for ‘kapenta’ or whitebait. The lake got its name from the famous David Livingstone…seems he was quite a romantic. 🙂

The soft and hot sand on many of its idyllic beaches runs smoothly through your fingers, the mirror-like water´s surface is inviting you for a canoe tour – with a clear blue sky above. And in its crystal clear waters you can see numerous little, colourful fish. From the beach restaurant wafts a lovely smell of local specialties, freshly prepared by the smiling, good looking black chef. Just before sunset, local fishermen go out in their dug outs and canoes. Watch them gliding calmly through the water, with a beautiful sunset right behind them. Nights are warm, from the nearby local village you can hear African music, singing and the sounds of drums…in the morning you get woken up by wavering flames coming out of the deep of the lake. But those are not flames, it is the sun rising to a new day, a new African day.

And what else would be missing on a trip to Malawi? Probably only a safari, maybe in the small but beautiful Liwonde National Park. It´s a little gem, in the dusty mopane forest or wide plains you could encounter elephants, hippos, leopards, countless antelopes and more than 300 bird species. That guarantees lovely photographs. And a bit of moving would also be nice, so why not park the car and take a trek into the Mulanje or Nyika mountains, to marvel at the natural wealth of this little country. The bustling heart of Africa is proud of its nature and scenery. The highest mountains go to 3000m and the lowest points to sea level. The green and lush country offers dramatic cliffs, rolling mountains, vast plains and thick forests.

Good to Know

Visa Requirements
Visas for the majority of nationalities can be obtained on arrival in Malawi. Passport holders from most of the Commonwealth countries, USA, Japan and European Union do not require a visa to enter the country for tourism purposes.
Languages spoken
English, Chichewa
Currency used
Kwacha (MWK)
Area (km2)
118,484 km2
Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Tetanus and Poliomyelitis, Rabies, Meningococcal Meningitis and Cholera

Malawi is not only for the nature and safari lovers, but also for cultural experiences. Malawians are very friendly and open and celebrate lots of festivals, wearing masks, dancing and singing. And their handcraft skills are some of the finest in Africa. Many a visitor has taken their artwork home as souvenirs and artefacts. Malawians make a lot of wooden tables and statues, cane furniture and pottery. Would you like to try it yourself to make your own piece of true Malawi?

Luckily, Malawi is not a mass tourism destination, a real little gem in Africa…