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Day trip to Kalk Bay

The best way to tackle Kalk Bay is with a good pair of running shoes, a pocket full of money and an empty stomach – because your senses will be flooded with sea air, the aroma of fresh food and little shops that make you feel as if you are entering a treasure cove.

Kalk Bay is a real, working fishing village with heart. A collective creativity pulses through it and makes it an amazing place to visit if you want to get out of central Cape Town.

You can park your car and walk up and down the streets while enjoying beautiful sea views. The quaint main road along this stretch of coast is packed with antique shops, novelty shops, boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants that cater to every need and taste.The best part about Kalk Bay is that you can walk from the present into the past.

Most of the shops are date from the 1920s, 30s and 40s and are decorated with art deco tiles and guarded by majestic wooden doors.

Kalk Bay is also an eccentric little town that turns everything on its head. Here the church is a gallery, the once derelict area around the train station is a flourishing restaurant, and the fish-cleaning areas around the harbour have also been transformed, with a few restaurants and fresh fish on sale.

The Brass Bell, with its unique setting right on the rocks and next to a working train station, is the best way to experience the sea in your face and hair, while eating fresh seafood (or pizza if you’d prefer).

Harbour House is a more elegant, romantic setting with exquisite food and a white and glass interior and beautiful elevated views across the ocean.

There are a few art galleries in Kalk Bay featuring paintings, sculptures and pottery. The clothing shops range from elegant to eclectic to downright eccentric. There are also antique shops offering knick-knacks as well as collectibles.

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