Cheetah Outreach

Get up close to cheetahs and other wild animals just outside of Cape Town

Situated a mere 25 minutes from Cape Town, the Cheetah Outreach program lets guests meet and interact with the world’s fastest land animal. Here you can stroke adult cheetahs, listen to their rumbling purrs and cuddle with adorable cheetah cubs. Private beach walks with the animals are also possible, as are viewings of ‘cheetah runs’ where these magnificent creatures sprint for their food, which is a rare sight indeed.

The programme was launched in 1997 with the primary goal of raising tame cheetah cubs to act as ambassadors for this endangered species and promote awareness. The program runs workshops and presentations to further educate participants. Bat-eared fox encounters are also available, and children are allowed to feed and touch these unique and fluffy little animals under the watchful eye of a trained handler.

So, why not do something special and visit the Cheetah Outreach program? It’s not only a fantastic experience to see animals up-close but you will also learn all about their lives in a safe and educational program that is ideal for children. Be sure to take some amazing photos while you’re there.


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