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We are very concerned about the quality of our tours – we therefore didn’t design them as a mass product. The reason for this is simple – we want to leave as little of a trace as possible keeping our tour destinations as original as they are. We want you to experience Africa in its natural beauty – untouched, unadorned and free of unnecessary interference.

We work closely with members within the community so that all our licensed local partners have been met by us upfront and all our tour destinations have been carefully chosen and tested by us personally. We don’t just talk about involving the locals and sharing the benefits of tourism – we actively vouch for it and we are happy to prove that to anyone who is interested. Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions and contact us to learn more about our partners. Now we believe that a strong (support) network is very important for the region. We also work with a couple of charitable organizations, orphanages & schools that we actively support and that we want to benefit from the tourism we draw into this particular area. Learn more about our partners in our “Partners” section.

Flexibility is very important to us – although we have a scheduled timeline for our trips we are happy to deviate from the schedule should your group have other preferences and to make this experience the most special to you and your family, friends and/or fellow travellers. In the end we want you to come home with a smile and an unforgettable experience without any wishes unfulfilled. As your happiness is our key performance indicator it also helps us to find areas where we can improve our tours. No doubt we are striving for perfection but we leave the decision about how we performed up to you. Therefore please let us know about your suggestions and/or praise. We want to remind you again that it is you that brings essential funds into the area. Now that know how important you are for the region and for conservation not only of gorillas but of nature and culture in general we want to thank you for choosing Afrika Lovers as your travel agent.

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Randolf Schoenefeld is the founder and driving force behind Afrika Lovers. He moved to South Africa in 2014 and is ever since building up partnerships on the ground as well as creating innovative travel products. He has put together & tested all the travel packages himself. He works part time as a Project Manager for South Africa's biggest flash sales etailer and has years of experience in the startup and SME sector. His passions are traveling, people, music, meditation and the African continent including it's people and landscapes. In his spare time you will find him composing music and playing concerts.

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Rweteera Safari Park (Kibale Forest)

Kelli Harris joined the Afrika Lovers team in February 2018. She was born in the Cape Flats and all through her professional career gained extensive experience in the areas of Digital Marketing Management, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Event Planning & Organization as well as Business Consultancy. Kelli has made herself a name by building outstanding portfolios. To name just some of her projects & clients: HOMEMAKERSfair & HOMEMAKERS Expo, AllAboutCapeTown, Shnit Film Festival, Body & Mind Factory. Kelli is an avid and experienced traveler, loves food and has a heart for the quirky and the odd. Her secret skill is taxidermy 🙂

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Thoralf is co-founder of Afrika Lovers. He takes care of sales, marketing and all organizational matters at Afrika Lovers. He has years of experience as sales director. Thoralf is determined and driven - as a father of two also outside of his business 🙂 ``As soon as I set myself a goal, I do not stop until I reach it. My main interest is to learn new things and solve problems within an enterprise. I am interested in growing markets and my specialty is customer satisfaction. `` He loves travel and the highest quality regarding product and service at Africa Lovers are his core concern.

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Online Marketing

Bridgette Kgosana is responsible for branding, PR and marketing at Africa Lovers. She is a native South African. Besides Africa Lovers, Bridgette is a freelance model and has her own event agency ``What LBK Thinks``. Bridgette loves to travel and is mainly responsible for Africa Lovers in South Africa. In the future, however, she will increasingly be involved in the growth of our young travel company and will help us design more customized and even more flexible travel packages in Southern and Eastern Africa. In her spare time, Bridgette always looks for the next kick, be it skydiving, bungee jumping or other extreme sports.

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Aiwan Safaris

Edwin Kirabo runs the family business Aiwan Safaris. He is a graduate of Computer Science and Mathematics and has a strong passion for eco tourism. Born in The Central business centre of Kampala, Edwin is well versed with the numerous dynamics of living in Uganda. He is dedicated to conservation and committed to work as a safari guide. With detailed knowledge of flora and fauna, excellent driving skills, flexibility and a generous smile, you will be welcomed and guided around the Pearl of Africa. He is always willing to share knowledge with openness and a touch of humor. Personal memories of your safari are created when showing you hidden viewpoints, teaching you a local song or telling you a typical story.</p> <p>Edwin is motivated by his insatiable appetite to ‘do some fin stuff’ and he is always willing to go an extra mile.

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Mgahinga Community Development Organization (MCDO)

Festo Kamanzi is the International Coordinator at Mgahinga Community Development Organsation (MCDO). He is a local tour guide with 15 years of experience. His passion for sharing his life, cultural, community and conservation development experiences with people of different backgrounds both local and international visitors - has earned him a reputation. Festo's special skills are his knowledge of traditional Ugandan (herbal) medicine and a versatile understanding of Ugandan heritage (e.g. about the Batwa Pygmeas and other local tribes). He himself was born and raised in the rain forest at the feet of the Virungas and has learned a lot about the local flora and fauna.

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Professional Guide @ EnjoyAfricaTravel

Rene Bauer is our professional guide for individual travelers. He has been off-road on the African continent for over 10 years and loves to be outside. Bush crafting, camping and survival are his thing. Rene is an excellent and experienced off-road driver and bush mechanic, skills he often has to prove. As a guide, he will do his best to put your African dream into practice. He is brilliant in dealing with the local police and officials and gets out of almost any situation. With him, you will feel safe and secure at all times. Rene is certified in first-aid and speaks English, German, French, Czech, some Arabic.

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