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6 Longest Rivers in Africa

What are the longest rivers in Africa?”

Let’s respond to that concern now by having a look at the 6 longest rivers on the continent and finding out some fascinating truths about each!

6. Kasai River: 2,153 km

This river, also often spelled “Cassai,” is a tributary of the Congo. Beginning in Angola, it offers a border between that nation and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Sometimes the Kwango River Valley of the Kasai River is known as the “diamond heartland of North Eastern Angola.” The alluvial diamonds discovered there in deposit beds traditionally drew both the British and Portuguese to make use of the area (the river was also used to record and transport servants). Today, numerous diamonds are still exported from the river

Kasai River– image credit to Kikos– CC-BY-SA-3.0

5. Orange River: 2,200 km

The Orange River is the fifth longest river in Africa, but it is also the longest river in South Africa. In regards to species variety, it does not have a lot to offer– just 16 species of fish according to a study in 2011. Still, the river gives other advantages. Hydroelectric power from the Orange River is provided through Vanderkloof Dam and Gariep Dam. The river also is an essential source of watering water for thousands of hectares of land, which without the irrigation would be totally dry. Certainly, agriculture is really essential along its banks, and there are now some well understood red wines produced in the location.

Orange River– image credit to Kierano– CC-BY-SA-2.0

4. Zambesi River: 2,574 km

This river– also spelled “Zambezi”– is the fourth longest in the continent. It is also the longest river in Africa to stream east, and the biggest to stream into the Indian ocean. Its basin takes up an area of around 1,390,000 square kilometres.

The Zambesi River is most popular for its sensational Victoria Falls. These waterfalls lie at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It has been designated by CNN as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Victoria Falls isn’t the best or the highest waterfall in the world, but it is still the largest when the width and height are both represented and integrated for an overall procedure of size.

Zambesi River– image credit to Foundert ~ commonswiki– CC BY-SA 2.5

3. Niger River: 4,180 km

Africa’s 3rd biggest river is the Niger River, which is a few hundred kilometres much shorter than the Congo. As the most essential river in western Africa, it has a drainage basin covering an astounding 2,117,700 square kilometres. If you have a possibility to go to the Niger River in person, you will discover its waters are surprisingly clear. It includes only around a tenth the amount of sediment found in the Nile.

There are a number of striking geographical features of the Niger worth a reference. The first is the Inner Niger Delta. The gradient of the Niger reduces abruptly in this region. So what you have is an unusual location which uses up around the very same amount of space as the whole country of Belgium, and it is controlled by lakes, mashes and streams.

Niger River– image credit to Boing-boing– CC-BY-SA-2.0

The other fascinating function is the course of the river, which takes an unexpected and strange right turn right around Timbuktu. From there, it discards out into the gulf. For centuries, geographers had no concept why there was a dogleg in the river, now it is thought that it is due to the fact that the Niger is in fact formed out of a couple of rivers which merged.

2. Congo River: 4,700 km

The second longest river in Africa is the Congo River, also sometimes described as the Zaire River. It ranks as the deepest river in the world, as well as the 2nd biggest determined according to discharge (the Amazon beats it).

The name of the Congo River is originated from that of the Kingdom of Kongo, which was once situated along its southern banks. “Zaire” on the other hand originates from a Portuguese adjustment of the Kikongo word “nzere,” which in turn implies “river.” Sometimes the Congo is poetically referred to as “the river that swallows all rivers,” but this is a mistranslation of the phrase “nzadi o nzere,” which just means “river swallowing rivers.”

The word “Zaire” was very first applied to the river, however also later became the name of the state of Zaire.

Congo River– image credit to Russavia– CC BY-SA 2.0

The Congo is particularly renowned for its rich diversity of aquatic types, consisting of a minimum of 700 kinds of fish, and probably additional types which have yet to be found. The runner-up for fish types diversity is the Niger river, which is quite far behind with simply 210 taped fish species.

1. Nile River: 6,853 km

The longest river in Africa is of course the mighty and popular Nile. This river runs north through northeast Africa, and is typically cited as the longest river in the whole world. The drainage basin for the river includes eleven various nations: Burundi, Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Egypt.

There are two major tributaries, referred to as heaven Nile and the White Nile. In Some Cases the White Nile is itself described as an unique river– it extends an impressive 3,700 km all on its own.

Nile River– image credit to Alifazal– CC BY-SA 2.0

Even though the Nile’s basin runs through eleven different countries, the river is naturally most plainly connected with Egypt. Civilization grew along the banks of the river; undoubtedly, the historian Herodotus in Greece specified poetically that “Egypt was the gift of the Nile.”

Conclusion: Africa is a Land Plentiful With Majestic Rivers

If you are preparing a trip to Africa, make time to check out several of these fantastic rivers. The rivers of Africa are among the longest and most exceptional in the world. They helped provide rise to early civilizations and assistance unbelievable biodiversity. They are amazingly beautiful, and include to the continent’s terrific natural wealth.

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